The Best of the Best

Why buy Moorcroft Pottery from us?

Each piece of Moorcroft is unique. Look closely and you will see subtle differences in colour, in the quality of the glaze and in the distinctive tube-lining. A skilled eye can usually distinguish the work of a favourite designer.

When I receive pieces from Moorcroft I check each carefully. This is hand made art pottery at its finest. I have been studying and selling Moorcroft Pottery for over twenty years and have a keen appreciation of the skill and craftsmanship of each piece.

In buying from the Cotswold Shop you have a guarantee that you are buying the very best of the best. While will never be able to keep examples of every piece in the shop, we update our stock list on the website each day. If we don’t have a piece in stock, Moorcroft can usually get one to us within a couple of weeks.

Our website offers superb images of Moorcroft pottery and descriptions of all pieces currently in stock. Remember, you are buying from an official Moorcroft retailer with the reassurance of a guarantee of quality. We appreciate that not everyone can track down a desired item locally. Maybe you’re searching for a hard-to-find Limited Edition or Prestige vase. Perhaps you want to buy a piece as a present, and use our gift-wrapping service. Whatever you choose from our website, you can rest assured that you are buying Moorcroft that has gone through several levels of quality control: we don’t think you will find anything better, anywhere.

We offer 10% discount on almost all pieces in the Moorcroft range and ship anywhere in the UK.  (We also ship to Australia and the US tax-free ! Click here for more). We believe our prices and service to be the most competitive in the country.

We hope you enjoy our website.

Nina Holland - Cotswold Moorcroft Shop