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New collection for Spring 2015


Moorcroft have announced the Music and Movement collection.

Comprising of 13 limited and numbered editions and 4 open editions, ‘Music and Movement’ takes whimsical inspiration from nineteenth century music and themes of transport – or as Moorcroft put it

The Music and Movement Collection… is a kinetic, exciting and melodic collection – a stimulation of the mind, the emotions and the senses and above all, a feast of colour for the eye.

Standout pieces include Paul Hilditch’s Bullnose Morris, a celebration of Oxford’s motor industry (better than it sounds), a Beardsley-esque Madama Butterfly by Rachel Bishop and two pieces by Emmas Bossons that fit best with the collection’s name – Folies-Bergère and Degas Dancers.

Pieces should arrive with retailers by the end of April, but as ever, if something catches your eye it’s best to contact me to avoid disappointment.

For full details click here.






Super deals on Elliot Hall enamels

Discounts of up to 33%, free shipping in UK

We have just added twelve discounted Elliot Hall Enamel limited edition pieces to our Specials section.

These include beauties like Tiger, Pansies and my own favourite Primrose and Bumblebee (pictured right).

The tiny Santa Sledging Christmas tree decoration is included, as well as last year's Santa piece.

Each of the enamels comes with a sumptuous official Elliot Hall presentation case, and a certificate of authenticity signed by the designer.

Prices have been reduced by as much as 33% from RRP, but we only have one example of each piece – so if you see something you like, don’t delay !


Right: Primrose and Bumblebee, number 5 in a limited edition of 5, reduced to £275 from £334

Super deals on Elliot Hall enamels

New Specials section

New section for sale and special pieces

If you go to our Moorcroft pages you’ll find a new section called Specials.

In it you’ll find some super bargains, and specially priced sale items, offering discounts of up to 45% off RRP.

It’s worth repeating that here at the Cotswold Shop we have never, and will never sell anything but first quality Moorcroft pieces. It’s our view that so-called ‘seconds’ should not leave the factory: you certainly won't find any in our shop or on our website.

We hope to update the page regularly, so do check to see if there's anything you fancy: everyone loves a bargain !

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New Specials section

First batch of 2015 Collection arrives

28th Jan: New pieces now in stock


I have today had my first delivery of Moorcroft’s 2015 range.

While several of the Limited & Numbered editions were already booked to eager customers, we have Aces High, my personal favourite Bus StopCher Ami, Clonter Wood, The Coupling Thistle, Garden Castle, Gotham's Iris, The Pheasants of Snow Hollow, Sunshine Chandelier, Swept AwayWho Goes There and Wind Runner in stock.

In addition we have 25 new Range pieces.

More Limited and Range pieces will be in stock soon. Check the site for more details, and as ever, let me know if there’s anything you would like reserving.

First batch of 2015 Collection arrives


Over one hundred new pieces revealed.

Moorcroft have today released their 2015 collection.

It contains 20 new limited or numbered editions;  seven brand-new ranges containing 40 pieces; and 44 additional pieces to existing ranges.

Immediate stand-outs include Coming to America, a stunning new piece by Paul Hilditch (detail right), Kerry Goodwin’s thoughtful Bus Stop and Colibris, a breathtaking triple-panel piece of exotic birds by Emma Bossons.

Of the new ranges Forever England by Vicky Lovatt picks up on one of the most popular pieces of 2014, and displays Moorcroft at its traditional best: a strong, warm palette on deceptively simple designs. Rachel Bishop’s Honeysuckle Haven is a beautifully coloured new range that looks destined to be extremely popular.

Of the additions to existing ranges, Bramble Revisited gets an extensive makeover with 8 of its 12 pieces being new shapes.

Retailers will be taking delivery around the end of January but, as usual, if something catches your eye please contact me ASAP.  Some of the Limited Edition pieces from the Collection of Remembrance sold out in a matter of weeks, leaving many collectors disappointed.

Click here for a link to the new limited editions. Email me with your name and address if you would like a copy of Moorcroft’s new brochure.

Happy browsing !



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FROGMAN sculptures arrive !

New collection at the Cotswold Shop

I’ve been enchanted with Frogman solid bronze sculptures since I first saw them.

These beautiful pieces have a gem-like iridescence, yet are astonishingly lifelike.

Designed and hand-crafted in California by British-born Tim Cotterill, each is sculpted using the age-old lost wax process – one that would have been familiar to the ancient Egyptians.

Each Frogman bronze comes as part of a limited edition of between 100 and 5000 pieces, with each piece being signed and numbered. Because they’re hand finished, no two frogs are alike, and each has its own individual character.

While there’s much more I could say about Frogman bronzes, it’s difficult to appreciate the depth of colour, realism and sheer craftsmanship until you hold one of these exquisite pieces in your hand.

I hope you can drop by to the Cotswold Shop to see these charming creatures for yourself. In the meantime we have some excellent images of our current stock, which we will be expanding in the next few weeks.

Click here to see our new Frogman family.

FROGMAN sculptures arrive !

Bidding Farewell

Moorcroft retire nine ranges

It’s that time of year when Moorcroft decide which ranges will be discontinued from the annual catalogue at the end of the year. In total nine ranges will be retired:

Anemone Blush
Blue Heaven
Courting Birds
Cinco Blue
Cinco Red
Eventide Winter
Sea Holly
The Nursery Collection
A Stitch in Time  

We have some of the above in stock and are able to take orders for all pieces until Wednesday 17th December, so if you have your eye on any of the above, please let me know well before then. 


Bidding Farewell

Reindeer Flight

This year’s Christmas collection announced



Moorcroft have announced this year’s three Christmas pieces. As usual they come in the 780/4, 7/3 and 72/6 shapes and are designed by Vicky Lovatt. The theme this year is Reindeer Flight, and the pots depict Santa and his team of reindeers flying into a wintery sky, above the rooftops of the Potteries against a huge silver moon.

There's something whimsical and enchanting about these pieces (I love the way the reindeers loop around the vases), and they are bound to be popular as gifts and with collectors. We will have the collection in the shop by the end of October. Book early to avoid disappointment !

We still have one of each of the 2013 pieces 'Christmas in the Pots'. You can see all our Christmas pieces by clicking here.

Reindeer Flight