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Announcing the Bourton Vase

Specially commissioned from Sally Tuffin – exclusive to the Cotswold Shop !

Celebrating the timeless beauty that lies in the heart of the Cotswolds, the Bourton Vase is a portrait of the village of Bourton-on-the-Water on a summer’s day.

The River Windrush meanders under Bourton’s famous slender bridges, passing centuries-old buildings of honey-coloured Cotswold stone. The dignified church of St. Lawrence sits framed by weeping willows and winter cherry trees, while cheeky ducks bob in the foreground.

Simple yet sophisticated, elegantly designed and skillfully hand-made, the Bourton Vase comes in a strictly limited edition of just 25 pieces, each numbered and signed. It is the perfect gift or keepsake for anyone who lives in, loves or visits the Cotswolds.

The Bourton Vase is available exclusively from the Cotswold Shop, Bourton-on-the-Water. It retails for £375.

Sally Tuffin is one of the UK’s leading ceramic designers. Part of the vanguard of British design since the 1960s, her work is displayed in the V&A in London and in major collections around the world. Having led the renaissance of Moorcroft Pottery in the 1980s, Sally now runs the renowned Dennis Chinaworks. The Bourton Vase has been designed by Sally exclusively for the Cotswold Shop.

For further details, and links to high resolution photos of the Bourton Vase, please click here.

Update 21 August: we have had amazing response to the Bourton Vase, and sold 12 pieces almost immediately. I am currently accepting orders for the remaining vases, which will arrive from Sally Tuffin in the next two weeks. Please note that these will go equally quickly, so call or email me and book soon if you want one !

Announcing the Bourton Vase

The Whitby Collection

Kerry Goodwin takes the Yorkshire coastal town of Whitby for her inspiration

Famed for its ancient abbey and gothic connections, Kerry has focussed the Whitby Collection on what is arguably the defining aspect of this coastal town: the sea – and more importantly, the fishing industry that has insured its survival for over a thousand years.

Each of the vases relates to Whitby’s fishing past. Fishing in White, my favourite of the collection, teems with fish in a portrayal of the power of the North Sea: gannets swoop to feast on abundant herring, while a brave little trawler casts its nets, unimaginably fragile on the boiling sea. Tales from the Deep shows what lives in those dark murky waters – huge whales and vast sea monsters, lying just below the surface.

Whitby is given its own cheerful portrait, the ancient Abbey surmounting the vase, the tiny, coloured houses tumbling down the stepped and cobbled streets to a foreground of trawlers bobbing in the harbour. It’s full of life, colour and delight.

More placid is The Night Guardian, a careful study of the lighthouse that has saved seafarers from the dangers of the unpredictable North Sea since the 1850s – and continues to do so.

No depiction of Whitby would be complete without a depiction of its dramatic Abbey, the brooding ruins that sit atop the cliffs above the town. Kerry’s plaque shows the elegant shell of the building in warm sunlight, backed by a calm sea and cheery clouds.

Each piece in the Whitby Collection comes as a limited edition, which means all the pieces will be sought after (Fishing in White is limited to just 15 pieces). I’m expecting delivery in mid-July. But if anything takes your fancy, do let me know as soon as possible, as demand will exceed supply.

Pictured right, clockwise: Fishing in White, Whitby, Tales from the Deep, The Night Guardian.

The Whitby Collection

The Walter Moorcroft Collection

Ten new designs inspired by the work of Walter Moorcroft


In 1945, on the death of his father, Walter Moorcroft took over the business that carried his name. He inherited the classic designs that his father had created, but Walter naturally wished to bring his own vision to the company.

Walter Moorcroft not only popularised his father’s designs (Anemone, Wisteria and Spring Flowers), but introduced best-selling patterns such as Magnolia, Hibiscus and Tiger Lily. His experimental work with flambé glazes remains highly sought-after.

In the new Walter Moorcroft collection, Moorcroft’s designers have attempted to broadly reinterpret Walter’s themes in a contemporary idiom. The result is variations on classic themes: a selection of pieces which pay homage to the man who kept Moorcroft design alive for over 40 years, and assured the company’s survival in postwar Britain.

My favourite pieces from this small but attractive collection are Song of Spring, a fresh, lively floral design on the classic 122/8 shape; Him and Her, a cheerful vase smothered with with classic Moorcroft anemones; and Race Against Time, Paul Hilditch’s elegantly drawn tulips swaying magnificently on a deep, dark ground of the 12-inch JU3 Jug.

You can find full details of the Walter Moorcroft Collection here. Don't forget to click on the links to our exclusive high-definition images.

Collectors interested in the original work of Walter will find some beautiful classic pieces from the 1940–1950s in our Vintage and Specials section: click here for more.


From top left, clockwise: White Carnation;  Marine Magic;  Hodnet Hall;  Song of Spring.

The Walter Moorcroft Collection

Moorcroft 2017 Catalogue

Available by post or download

Moorcroft have released their 2017 print catalogue.

For a printed copy send me an email. Or – if your internet is happy downloading a 3mb file – please click here.



Moorcroft 2017 Catalogue

NEW: 2017 Limited & Numbered Editions

Moorcroft release 26 new pieces

In one of the largest – and best – collections of recent years, Moorcroft have unveiled 26 new Limited and Numbered pieces.

When I previewed the 2017 pieces in November I immediately fell in love with Sichuan Giant Pandas from the Limited Edition China Collection. These wonderful cuddly creatures are depicted doing what they enjoy most – eating bamboo ! Vicky Lovatt’s design takes advantage of the elegance of the 15-inch 365 shape, while maintaining a great sense of fun.

There’s humour too in Kerry Goodwin’s tribute to the legends of 1950s motor sport, Grace and Pace (great name). Classic sports cars battle it out in the legendary 24-hour Le Mans race – with a British Racing Green Jaguar naturally in the lead. This numbered edition is going to be very popular.

It’s rare that I fail to be impressed with the work of Paul Hilditch, and I was bowled over by the detail and perspective of his stunning Merchants of Venice. This richly coloured yet subtly toned piece comes in a Limited Edition of just 50 worldwide, and I’m tempted to keep one for myself !

Two other pieces by Paul richly require a mention. Off to Market is an evocative rural scene of an England of not so long ago – but one that has been almost lost. Perfect colouring, and again, perspective. Paul is equally adept at depicting the Italian countryside: Tuscan Trees is a sun-filled portrait of terracotta-roofed houses and chianti-red woodland as they catch the setting Mediterranean sun.

Moorcroft’s Limited Edition Countryside Collection contains Kerry Goodwin’s The Showground, a show-stopper of a vase depicting two pairs of shire horses. One of our unique digitally watermarked high resolution images details sides of this wonderful 101/12 piece, which comes in a Limited Edition of 50.

Special mention goes to Nicola Slaney’s plaque Sleeping Beauty. Not the drowsy maiden of the fairy tale, but the drowned Ophelia from Shakespeare’s Hamlet (as portrayed by John Everett Millais) forms the inspiration for this dreamy piece.

Finally, the work of Helen Dale, a welcome new talent at Moorcroft, should not be missed. Wedding Gift, in a Limited Edition of just 30 pieces, is one of the highlights of this year’s collection – a graceful fancy of flying doves.

The new pieces will be arriving by the end of the month.  As all retailer allocations are small I strongly recommend booking any Limited Edition piece that takes your fancy. All pieces are available for pre-order – call me at the shop  (01451 820547) or email if you would like further information or a print catalogue.

Click here for full details and photos.



NEW: 2017 Limited & Numbered Editions


Four new ranges, two new collections: over sixty new pieces

Moorcroft have released their 2017 ranges.

The four new ranges include Bellahouston (powerful colours on a designed inspired by Charles Rennie Mackintosh); Galanthus (an elegant, understated design based on a snowdrop); Phoebe Summer (fresh, pretty and attractively affordable); and a revamped Peacock Parade (in a new colourway and again with some keenly priced pieces).

Of the existing ranges, Bramble Revisited received the most updates, with seven new pieces, including a very attractive circular Plaque (PLQ18). Delphinium receives a superb Prestige piece in the 365/20 shape – very competitively priced for a 20-inch (50cm) vase.

You can also view the two new Limited Edition collections (The China Collection and the Countryside Collection) in this section.

For full details on all the 2017 ranges, please click here.

Illustrated: Phoebe Summer



Photo Finish

Cotswold Shop offers unique high definition images

As you will have seen, we take pride (and a lot of effort) in converting Moorcroft’s stock photos into images suitable for the web.

Our own photos are taken as RAWs and colour-balanced using Adobe DNG on an Apple 5K iMac system, which means the colours you see on the web are as close as possible to the actual pot. We also watermark these images digitally and physically to prevent piracy.

There is, however, a limit to the definition possible on a web site: so we’ve added links to a full size, high definition image of each of the new individual 2016 pieces. Be warned, they may take a few moments to download ! (We're fortunate in being connected to Gigaclear’s brilliant FTTP network, which gives us download and upload speeds of 1000Mbps – and it’s far cheaper than BT !)

Each image can be zoomed into for extra-fine detail.

Some examples: 

Times Gone By click here

Launching Liberty click here

Anna Lily click here

Photo Finish

Moorcroft at Christmas

Special pieces for a special time of year


Moorcroft celebrates Christmas this year with its usual festive flourish: Nordic Noel (2) features a pair of robins on a cheery and distinctive design. Winter Wonder, on the elegant and unusual 87/3 shape, is adorned with everyone’s favourite winter flower, the Snowdrop.

Often overlooked in Moorcroft’s seasonal offerings are the charming tree decorations, of which we have eight. 

My favourites are the cheeky Mr. Snowman (1)  and his chums, Father Christmas (3) and Christmas Fairy (6).  They can all keep warm by an old-fashioned Fireplace (4).

Each is perfect for the top of your tree – or to slip in someone special’s stocking. 

These beautiful pieces each come with a small piercing so that a ribbon may be threaded through. 

And each decoration will bring a sprinkle of the magic of Christmas – now and for generations to come. 

You can find full details of all these pieces – and many more – here on our website.

If anything catches your eye, don’t leave it too late: popular pieces sell out fast before Christmas. And if we don’t have it in stock on our website, do email me or give me a call at the shop for an availability update.

The last date to order in time for UK Christmas delivery is Wednesday 21st December – after that, it’s up to Santa !






Moorcroft at Christmas