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The Winter Bourton Vase

Specially commissioned from Sally Tuffin – exclusive to the Cotswold Shop.


One of my favourite pieces last year was the Bourton Vase, Sally Tuffin’s showstopping portrait of a summer’s day in the Cotswold village of Bourton-on-the-Water, home to the Cotswold Shop.

When Sally came to me with the idea of a new vase showing the village in winter I was intrigued; when she showed me the first trial piece I was astonished. Sally has taken the same view of Bourton and cast it on a bright winter’s day. The honey-coloured Cotswold stone is imbued with a magical pink light from the low winter sun, and flecks of gold glow from the windows of the warm houses.

It’s a truly lovely piece and a great companion to the original vase. Elegantly designed and skillfully hand-made, the Winter Bourton Vase comes in a strictly limited edition of just 25 pieces, each individually numbered. It is the perfect gift or keepsake for anyone who lives in, loves or visits the Cotswolds.

The Winter Bourton Vase is available exclusively from the Cotswold Shop, Bourton-on-the-Water. It retails for £375.

For further details, and links to high-resolution photos of the Bourton Vase, please click here.


Sally Tuffin is one of the UK’s leading ceramic designers. Part of the vanguard of British design since the 1960s, her work is displayed in the V&A in London and in major collections around the world. Having led the renaissance of Moorcroft Pottery in the 1980s, Sally now runs the renowned Dennis Chinaworks. 


The Winter Bourton Vase

Our select sale

Up to 40% reductions


With the arrival of Moorcroft’s 2018 collection I have to make some space on our shelves! Hence our select sale.

I’ve made significant reductions on the pieces listed below. Clicking on a name will take you to the relevant page on our website. To see all our sale pieces on one page, click here.

As ever, all pieces are perfect firsts (we never, ever sell seconds) and come in their original Moorcroft box and slipcover. Prices include free next-day shipping in the UK. We can ship any piece to other countries in the EU, to America and Australia/New Zealand.


Kirke’s Blue  RRP £780 now £585

Lakmé  RRP £770 now £577

The Showground  RRP £1560 now £899

Fluttering Colour  RRP £495 now £350

Delphinium 75/8 RRP £335 now £249

Him and Her  SOLD

Ruby Red 101/7  SOLD

Ruby Red 33/3  SOLD

Wedding Gift  SOLD
The Way of the Warrior SOLD

Nobility  SOLD

Delphinium 159/10   SOLD

Delphinium 85/8 SOLD

The Night Guardian  SOLD

Ruby Red 101/7  SOLD

Coming to America  SOLD



Pictured clockwise: Wedding Gift; Kirke's Blue; Coming to America; The Way of the Warrior




Our select sale


Over 120 new pieces coming soon

Moorcroft have released details of their 2018 catalogue. This comprises 26 new Limited and Numbered pieces and an astonishing 88 additions to the ranges – along with three completely new ranges and three new collections.

Our website has full details and descriptions, along with exclusive high-resolution photos (the best available anywhere).

The new range pieces can be seen by clicking hereLimited and Numbered pieces by clicking here.

Moorcroft have also released several new collections, including the enchanting Floral Months of the Year, the diverse and dramatic West Country Collection, and more pieces for the RSPB collection.

I hope you’re as excited as I am !


Pictured right: Rachel Bishop’s new Rennie Rose Blue range


New Moorcroft Catalogue available online

Complete 2018 Catalogue at a click !

Moorcroft have today released their 2018 Catalogue. We will be receiving copies in a few days: in the meantime you can view the catalogue by clicking here. (You’ll need a fairly fast internet connection !)

Of course you can see all the new collections, and Limited and Numbered editions, on our website along with our high-resolution photos and concise descriptions.

If you would like us to post you a copy of the Catalogue, please join our mailing list here: we never send more than six emails a year, and never share your details with anyone, ever.

We are starting to get the first of the new pieces, and I’ll be updating the site daily. Several Limited Editions left the shop the day they arrived, so as ever, if you see anything you really like, don’t leave it too late !



New Moorcroft Catalogue available online

Vintage Moorcroft

A collection of old and interesting Moorcroft pieces


We have always kept a small amount of vintage Moorcroft in the Cotswold Shop. These are classic pieces, designed by William and Walter Moorcroft and dating from around 1913 to 1955, an era that most collectors consider contains the company’s finest work. 

Some collectors love the older patterns because of the sublime delicacy of tubelining, an art now sadly lost. Others are attracted to depth of lustre and colours that cannot be replicated by today’s potters. Apart from the delicacy and painterly quality of the decoration, in many cases the chemicals and rare metals that were used in the glaze are no longer permitted to be fired in kilns for health reasons, meaning we will never see the like of these pieces again. 

As Moorcroft buffs will know, William Moorcroft’s formula for the Flambé glaze, along with his technique for firing, was a closely guarded secret. William passed it on to his son Walter but because of the mercuric oxide used to create the red underglaze, Moorcroft Flambé can never be reproduced.

All our vintage stock is guaranteed to be in at least very good condition, with no chips, cracks, damage or restoration.

In addition I occasionally come across more recent pieces that are desirable because of their rarity – or simply because I like them. Unless specified, all recent pieces come with original Moorcroft boxes. In keeping with The Cotswold Shop’s philosophy, none of the recent pieces are seconds: we only ever sell first quality, undamaged pieces.

Prices include free shipping anywhere in the UK. We can also quote for fully insured shipping to the US, Canada and Australia.

I hope you enjoy our collection. Please click here to see the full list and feel free to call or email if you have any queries or would like additional photos. We continue to add pieces to the website, and always have additional stock in the shop – many pieces sell before we have time to put them on our website !



Vintage Moorcroft

The Best of the Best

...and how to avoid ‘graded’ pieces and so-called ‘bargains’.


As any Moorcroft collector knows, no two pieces of their pottery are ever identical: subtle differences in colouring and tubelining are what give Moorcroft Art Pottery its magnificent individuality. Moorcroft check each piece for quality control, and some pieces simply don’t make the grade.

When I receive my pieces from Moorcroft I again check each carefully. In buying from the Cotswold Shop, you have a guarantee that you are buying the best of the best.

Caveat Emptor

From time to time you may see other online sellers offering significant discounts on current Moorcroft stock. Let the buyer beware: as you may know Moorcroft sell ‘seconds’, which are clearly marked with a red dot, and more recently ‘Graded’ pieces. These graded pieces...



These Graded pieces may have flaws (or poor colouring) possibly only noticeable to the experienced eye. Indeed,  most of the 'bargains' you will find on eBay and other discount internet sites selling Moorcroft are Graded or substandard pieces.

I have never and will never sell anything other than Moorcroft’s finest, first quality pieces.

It goes without saying that it's not in the interest of sellers to tell you you’re not buying the very best pieces. I have over twenty years’ experience of handling and selling Moorcroft.

Whatever your views, wherever you buy, ensure that what you're buying is of the best quality, and remember that here at the Cotswold Shop we only ever sell the best of the best.

You can find out more on our Why Us ? page and a very informative warning about eBay here. Essential reading !

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The Best of the Best

Australia !

Land of Opportunity

We’re big fans of The Land Down Under, and Aussies seem to be equally keen on good old British Moorcroft.

We frequently ship pieces to Australia, and while shipping isn’t cheap (£30–£180) it’s more than defrayed by the fact that VAT is not payable on items shipped outside the EU.

Because of the paperwork and extra packing we charge a flat £20 fee for exports. Even a large piece like Fishwives can be sent fully insured for around £160, and of course the smaller the item, the cheaper the shipping. I have never had a piece damaged or lost in transport, anywhere.

To calculate costs, check the item’s RRP (not the discount price !), and divide that figure by 6: that represents the VAT you will save. Then add the £20 export fee. Next add the shipping cost: as a very rough guide a medium sized vase like Anna Lily 152/5 would cost around £50 to ship. Shipping usually takes 5 to 7 working days.

Drop me a line if you’d like a full quote, or details of our other export services, and click ‘Read More’ below for an example:


Anemone Tribute 769/6 Ginger Jar

RRP £510. VAT payable is £510 ÷ 6 ie £85. £510 - £85 = £425 + £20 export fee = £445

Add to this the shipping & insurance costs of £35, and the total comes to £480. That’s just £20 more than it would cost if you bought it in my shop – and still £10 less than Moorcroft's recomended sale price !

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Australia !

Photo Finish

Cotswold Shop offers unique high definition images

As you will have seen, we take pride (and a lot of effort) in converting Moorcroft’s stock photos into images suitable for the web.

Our own photos are taken as RAWs and colour-balanced using Adobe DNG on an Apple 5K iMac system, which means the colours you see on the web are as close as possible to the actual pot. We also watermark these images digitally and physically to prevent piracy.

There is, however, a limit to the definition possible on a web site: so we’ve added links to a full size, high definition image of each of the new individual 2016 pieces. Be warned, they may take a few moments to download ! (We're fortunate in being connected to Gigaclear’s brilliant FTTP network, which gives us download and upload speeds of 1000Mbps – and it’s far cheaper than BT !)

Each image can be zoomed into for extra-fine detail.

Some examples: 

Times Gone By click here

Launching Liberty click here

Anna Lily click here

Photo Finish