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All Creatures Great and Small

Moorcroft announce Autumn Collection


Moorcroft have released details of their new autumn collection, All Creatures Great and Small.

It comprises some 24 pieces based on 15 new designs, 12 of which are limited or numbered editions. For full descriptions and photos of each piece, please click here.

Moorcroft have not yet announced when pots will be made available to retailers, but as ever, if you see a piece that takes your fancy please contact me, as allocations, particularly of the limited editions, will be restricted.

From Moorcroft’s press release:

Since 1986, Moorcroft has encouraged the growth and natural, organic progression of ‘design windows’. With free rein to construe whatever their hearts desire into art, members of the Moorcroft Design Studio have since delved into a world of inspiration. Consequently, pots have featured a wealth of flowers, people, buildings, symbols and of course, animals.

These days, some of the most popular Moorcroft designs involve animals and birds, to which you can add reptiles, fish, bugs and much more besides. This autumn, Moorcroft will be launching a collection All Creatures Great and Small which has been collaboratively designed by the Moorcroft Design Studio and guest designers, and as the name suggests, has been inspired by a plethora of animals.

All Creatures Great and Small is made up of 24 individual designs, all of them, in their own unique way express the nature or appeal of different animals through the medium of ceramic art. 

We will begin receiving All Creatures Great and Small by the end of September.

All Creatures Great and Small

Collection of Remembrance hugely popular

Demand outstripping supply for this commemorative collection


Perhaps not surprisingly, Moorcroft's Collection of Remembrance has proved tremendously popular.

We have had a constant stream of demand for the pieces from the moment they were announced, and as predicted, it did not take long for In Memorium and Walter’s Somme to sell out their entire limited editions.

Moorcroft have also announced a Prestige version of Lest we Forget in the 101/18 shape (pictured right). Standing at 45cm tall, this magnificent numbered edition retails for £2660; we are offering it, to order, for £2394.

Collection of Remembrance hugely popular

The Collection of Remembrance

Eleven poppy-themed pieces commemorate the centenary



Moorcroft have announced a collection of eleven pieces to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the outbreak of World War I – the Collection of Remembrance.

With one notable exception, Moorcroft have wisely not chosen to depict ‘The war to end all wars’, but have taken as a common element the flower that we all associate with the battlefields of Flanders and Remembrance Sunday – the Poppy. This simple, elegant flower, with its blood red petals, is used in different ways by each artist, each of whom has created his or her own memorial on an individual pattern.

The exception is Kerry Goodwin’s Lest we Forget, a sensitive and moving evocation of the battlefield, a scarred landscape overlooked by the spirits of the soldiers.

As well as the memorial aspect, the pieces are compelling in their own right – Paul Hilditch’s Ray of Hope on the 92/11 pattern (pictured right) and Emma Bosson’s Walter’s Somme are two outstanding pieces from an excellent collection.

Full descriptions and photos may be found here.

Moorcroft will begin delivery of the Remembrance Collection in early August. Seven of the pieces are in limited editions of sixty or fewer, and demand will certainly outstrip supply, so as ever, if you’re interested in a piece please let me know as soon as possible.

The Collection of Remembrance

The Somerset Wildlife Trust collection

Two attractive new vases and a plaque


Here’s an edited version of Moorcroft’s press release:

The Somerset Wildlife Trust is one of the country's leading environmental voluntary bodies and one which takes delight in restoring battered ecosystems by creating living and lasting landscapes for wildlife.

However the Trust’s efforts would not be possible without the generous support of the public, who raise more than £2 million every year. A trio of bespoke commemorative designs by Emma Bossons marks the Trust’s 50th anniversary, and will also help to raise money towards its conservation goals.

The trio of pieces features three of Somerset’s most precious butterfly species, the Large Blue, the Grizzled Skipper and the Pearl Bordered Fritillary, all fluttering among colourful petals of meadow wildflowers including violets, wild time and cowslips.

The Somerset Wildlife Trust collection


43 new pieces to celebrate three great artists

Moorcroft have announced the Three Williams Collection. This wide ranging collection is inspired by the work of three great artists: William Moorcroft, William Morris and William De Morgan.

The collection is unusual for its size (43 pieces) and its variety, with pots ranging from 7cm pieces retailing for £95, to a Prestige Piece at £4890.

I’ve posted all the images Moorcroft have released, along with details and prices. Over the next few days I will have full descriptions of each piece.

We now have a wide selection of the pieces, with more coming in every day. As there's always a lag betwen deliveries and updating the website (only so many hours in the day!), please call or email me if you are looking for a specific piece

Click here for full information on the new range.


Moorcroft Launch RSPB Collection

Six new pieces by Kerry Goodwin


From Moorcroft’s press release:

“To mark the 125th Anniversary of the formation of the RSPB, Moorcroft was stirred to create something quite special. To achieve this purpose, Moorcroft designer, Kerry Goodwin, created a six-piece limited edition collection called A Homage to British Wildlife.

Hand-made in England from start to finish, this celebratory collection is true to its word, allowing the natural world to shimmer in three dimensional beauty by using a vibrant and cohesive selection of colours nurtured by the world-renowned Arts and Crafts Pottery for more than a hundred years.”

For more details, click here.

Moorcroft Launch RSPB Collection

New pieces – and new pricing

Moorcroft adopt new pricing scheme

It’s been a busy few weeks here at the Cotswold Shop.

We have had a large number of the new pieces in, but they barely touched the shelves. Many were pre-ordered, and it's only now, with the second wave of deliveries, that we have pieces to place on the website.

We’re starting to see clear favourites emerge. The elegant palette of Chocolate Cosmos, combined with attractive pricing, has made it very popular among the new ranges. Ruby Red and the Homemakers’ Collection are similarly sought after. Clovelly came in this morning and it's absolutely beautiful. It’s number 2 out of 100 and the quality is superb.

Among the individual vases, the large pieces by Paul Hilditch have, perhaps predictably, aroused the most interest. More surprising has been the buzz around pieces like Honeywort and Pied Wagtails – though after seeing them “in the flesh” I can appreciate why these pieces are so desirable.

New Pricing

As you probably know, Moorcroft have a recommended retail price for all their pieces. Generally, we offer at least a 10% discount on almost all pieces on the website.

This year however, without consulting the retailers, Moorcroft have changed the rules. They have significantly increased the price of their pottery to me, but not reflected this in their suggested recommended retail prices.  So the reality is that I have had to reduce the 10% discount on the new limited edition pieces.

Having said that I’m please to announce that we will match any price offered by Moorcroft (provided of course that we are comparing like-for-like). Naturally we'll match Gold Club member offers (provided of course that Club Members bring along their club card !). We have some very loyal customers at The Cotswold Shop, and we firmly believe that loyalty should be rewarded.


Pictured right: the very popular Chocolate Cosmos range

New pieces – and new pricing


27 new limited/numbered pieces, 18 new or augmented ranges

Moorcroft have announced their 2014 Catalogue.

It contains some superb new limited editions (including what may be Paul Hilditch’s best ever work, the magisterial Back to Back) and many other delights and surprises. You can see the new limited pieces by clicking here and the new ranges here.

I expect pieces to start arriving in the next few weeks. As ever, the most popular limited editions will sell out very quickly, and dealer’s allocations will be tight. Do let me know if you would like to book any piece.