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Ribbit !

Seven little Frogman Bronzes looking for new homes



We’ve just reduced the price of our twelve five two last Frogman Bronzes by 20% discount off retail price.

This makes them among the best prices in the country – but when they’re gone they’re gone.

Buy one quick before they all hop off !




Ribbit !

2016 Moorcroft Collection arrives

Magical new pieces now in stock !

It’s been an exciting day here at The Cotswold Shop as we take delivery of the first batch of pieces from Moorcroft’s new 2016 Collection, still warm from the kiln…

There are some real gems. To pick just three:

You won’t be surprised that Autumn Toadstools looks even better in reality than it does in our photos – a great design that depicts a long-loved Moorcroft subject on a classic shape, with a wonderful warm autumnal palette.

The Rooster vase from the dazzling Beauty Revered collection also surpasses expectations, full of tumbling vitality and vivid colour. Have a look at our new high definition images for persuasion !

But for sheer eye-popping briliance, the dazzling Quetzal that sits on the jug of the same name has no competition. Vicky Lovatt’s vibrant design has some of the deepest colourwork I’ve ever seen on a Moorcroft pot.

I’ve also received selections from the new Delphinium and Trefoil ranges, along with numerous other pieces. I’ve been fortunate in reserving the remaining few Blue Morpho pieces from the Costa Rica collection, so let me know straight away if you’d like one reserved. 

Many of the pieces that arrived today have been pre-ordered by collectors, and following a detailed inspection, will be shipped off across the UK – and to Australia and America.  I won’t even have time to admire them !

2016 Moorcroft Collection arrives

Photo service

Cotswold Shop offers high definition images

As you will have seen, we take pride (and a lot of effort) in converting  stock photos into images suitable for the web.

We also colour-balance the photos on an Apple Mac colour reference system, which means the colours you see on the web are as close as possible to the actual pot. We also watermark these images digitally and physically to prevent piracy.

There is, however, a limit to the definition possible on a web site: so we’ve added links to a full size, high definition image of each of the new individual 2016 pieces. Be warned, they may take a few moments to download !

For an example (Times Gone By), click here


Photo service


Moorcroft release 77 new pieces


Moorcroft have released their 2016 Collection. This is the most important launch of the year: it contains a total of 77 brand new pieces, including 15 Limited Editions and 4 completely new ranges.

I’ve been fortunate enough to view the collection and can promise it has some superb pieces at all price points. Full details and exquisite photos of all the new pieces are on our website. Have a look now !

We are currently awaiting brochures from Moorcroft. If you would like one please email me your address and as soon as they are received we will post you a copy.


Festive Greetings !

From The Cotswold Shop


Nina, Rosemary, Viv, Susie and backroom Jack (who runs the website) wish all customers past and present

A happy Festive Season


A healthy, peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Festive Greetings !

Christmas Delivery

Last orders for Christmas is Tuesday 22nd


If you're thinking of buying something special for someone this Christmas, or maybe giving yourself a well-earned treat, the last possible date we can send out orders is Wednesday 23rd, which means placing your order with us before 8pm on Tuesday 22nd. If you miss this deadline but still really need an item, call or email me !

The Cotswold Shop will be open until 3pm on Christmas Eve, and then open from Sunday 27th to Thursday 31st, from 11am­–3.30pm.


Christmas Delivery

Moorcroft launch 2015 Christmas Trio

‘Christmas Morning’ completes the set

Moorcroft have announced the fourth and final annual Christmas Trio by Vicky Lovatt.

Called Christmas Morning, it’s another delightful design. Here’s Moorcroft’s description:

‘After the presents have been ripped open and the house transformed into a wrapping-paper bomb site, a little girl and boy run outside swaddled in their warmest attire to build a snowman. Glistening with festive frost and snow, Christmas Morning is a delightful reflection on that nostalgic excitement that still seeps into hearts globally, even that meanest of all people, Ebenezer Scrooge himself.’

As ever, the pieces are in the 7/3, 72/6 and 780/4 patterns and come as Open Editions.

We hope to have pieces in the next few weeks, but demand is always strong. We will be taking pre-orders for the Trio from tomorrow: don’t leave it till Christmas Eve !

For more info, click here.

Moorcroft launch 2015 Christmas Trio

The 12 Days of Christmas

Twelve small but wonderful pieces – and a superb plate.

We have just taken delivery of the first seven of Moorcroft’s latest collection, The 12 Days of Christmas.

It's not easy to be humorous or whimsical without being twee, but designer Kerry Goodwin has struck the perfect balance with this unexpectedly brilliant collection.

Each of the vases is a light-hearted depiction of the characters of the well known song, and the wonderful plate cleverly combines the twelve.

As well as the exquisite design, each of the pieces I’ve received so far has a rich, precise colouring that’s unusual for small pieces (only one vase is larger than four inches tall).

Combine the above with sensible pricing, and you have irresistible festive gifts – or pieces that are collectable year-round.

All twelve vases and the plate come as Open Editions: more pictures and info here.

The 12 Days of Christmas